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SIGHT UNSEEN, a Legend of the Spider-Prince Prequel

A royal commander's deathbed scheme will ensure his enemies die before he does—unless a young rebel spy can thwart his final orders.

A 10,000 word / 65 minute story that takes place before REBEL:
Legend of the Spider-Prince #1.

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Legend of the Spider-Prince #1:

When blood-feud and rebellion escalate into war, a young rebel becomes entangled in a deadly web of magic, intrigue, and revenge as the widening conflict threatens to overturn governments, collapse civilization, even threaten the very existence of life on Eryth—and make him a legend. 

Wyl has been a lot of things in his short life: an outcast, a rebel spy, a bodyguard, a mercenary's foster-son, and the best pupil of Trascolm's greatest warlord. But when a battle magically turns against the rebels and his leader flees into hostile, neighboring Dremnar, Wyl is called upon to be what nothing in his brutal life has prepared him to be—not just a diplomat, but himself.

He's in over his head, making enemies instead of allies, and when a new menace threatens his leader, it will take every dirty trick he knows to keep her alive—if he doesn't get himself killed first.